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 Fields of intervention

The main project is the prevention of chronic malnutrition in children under 10 (with particular interest for those under 5) in South Kivu through:

  • The production and distribution (in nutritional centers) of high protein biscuis and porridge.

  • Nutritional education through a door-to-door approach (by our community relays) and through our broadcast on Radio.

  • Empowerment of rural women gathered in cooperatives where agriculture and livestock farming are promoted. We vulgarize the cultivation of cowpea, maize, soybeans, sorghum, rice and moringa.


The production of leaf extracts (micronutrients and protein concentrates) in South Kivu is an innovation of Kesho Congo.


We are engaged in the search for peace, democracy and human rights through culture (theatrical performances, poetry, music and traditional dances) and through our program "the Kesho Congo Ballet speaks to you".



Civic education and trades school for disadvantaged youth.

Support for needy children in elementary schools, in remote villages.


In each village in our area of intervention, we promote agricultural cooperatives by encouraging women to focus on the cultivation of high nutritional value plants such as cowpea, soybean, beans, peanuts, corn, etc.

We distribute seeds to women in those cooperatives.

We promote livestock farming.

We produce leaf extracts in our workshops. Leaf extracts are destined to fight malnutrition. At the end of the leaf extracts production, there is a cake that remains and is used to feed the cattle. There is also a brown juice that remains and is used to enrich the soil.


Our Values



Excellence - Loyalty – Patriotism - Resilience

Our Vision and Mission.

Mission: Building healthy and resilient  communities in South Kivu and empowering youth and rural women by their own potential.

Vision : peace and wellness for vulnerable Congolese.




Founder of KESHO CONGO

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E-mail : keshokongo@gmail.com


Website : www.keshocongo.org

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