Brief history of creation and background of the founder

Since his medical studies at the Catholic University of Bukavu, Dr. Adolphe Nyakasane is known for his desire to bring together young scientists around development ideals for their communities. In 2007, he was elected students’ Delegate of the medical faculty of his university. He created the program "Let's Talk about Health", an information, outreach and education broadcast on Radio Star aiming at educating South Kivu’s population on health issues. In 2008, he was elected Minister of Health (health affairs officer) for the students’ network of the Catholic University of Bukavu. The same year, he took part in an interuniversity competition organized by «Génération Grands Lacs" and "Search for Common Ground" (an American NGO involved in the search for peace and conflictresolution) and placed under the theme: "What can we do as youth to make the Great Lakes region a peace haven in 2025?” He won the Second Peace Prize in the Great Lakes region in presence of a panel of Congolese, Rwandans, Burundians, Americans and French. Then, he undertook to work for peace in his region. Later, he created the Kesho Kongo Ballet, a cultural youth group engaged in the search of peace and peaceful coexistence through culture (theater, poetry, music and traditional dances). He graduated as medical doctor in 2009 and chose to work in rural hospitals (Mubumbano General Hospital, Nyantende General Hospital, Monvu General Hospital and then Ciriri General Hospital where he continues to work as Head of the pediatric service).





Founder of KESHO CONGO

In 2011, he started a Master degree in Bukavu and later obtained a scholarship from Belgium to specialize in pediatrics at the Catholic University of Louvain. He was hosted by Professor Christiane VERMYLEN (as internship supervisor) in the Department of Pediatrics at the Saint Luc University clinic in Brussels.

He chose to focus on endocrinology, diabetology and pediatric nutrition and received a specialized training in that field at Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris VI, Saint Antoine site) in France. He returned to the Congo in October 2015 and transformed the Kesho Congo Ballet into a development platform called ACTION SOCIALE KESHO CONGO to contribute to the many development challenges in South Kivu.
Dr. Nyakasane's work was rewarded by the "Golden Patriot’s Prize" awarded by the New Dynamics of Civil Society in the Congo, in January 2016. The same year, the US Embassy in the DRC recognized his work for which he received a scholarship from the US State Department to take part in the "Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders" a flagship program of the US Government initiated by President Obama. This program lead him to the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University in New York in June 2016 where he was trained in Public

Management focused in the fields of health and development. From August 1 to 3, 2016, in Washington DC, he took part to a Presidential Summit for young African leaders convoked by President Obama. After this summit, he was selected to do an internship in an American institution; he was sent to the Vitalyst Health Foundation where he learned a lot about public health, food security and the concept of healthy communities. The Voice of America (VOA) produced and broadcast this short (4 minutes) video (see the link) on Dr. Nyakasane's internship at Vitalyst Health Foundation:
Kesho Congo is made up of young Congolese who understood that solutions to African’s issues are to be found by Africans themselves, with openness to the world. These young people therefore encourage all their compatriots who had the opportunity to study abroad to return to Congo to build their great and rich country in the heart of Central Africa.